Postpartum Recovery



A baby’s birth can trigger a multitude of emotions- from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety.

Elation aside, the birth process is highly traumatic on the mother’s body. The birthing woman not only faces the immediate responsibilities of caring for her newborn, but simultaneously deals with the pain and discomfort of her own body’s emotional and physical distress.

Common postpartum symptoms may include:

  • Mood swings, post partum depression 
  • Decreased thyroid function
  • Breast discomfort and pain
  • Perianal discomfort
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Lower back pain
  • Difficulty in let-down reflex while breastfeeding
  • Incisional discomfort

Postpartum Recovery

 Focusing on your well-being during the immediate postpartum recovery period is just as important as while you are pregnant. This is a period of huge adjustment for you, your baby and your family. Women and depression, doesn't have to be... 

 It has been the belief of the Chinese people for thousands of years that the period directly after childbirth is vital for the health of the new mother; proper diet and sleep being the key ingredients required to restore energy and healing. The first 30-days of postpartum is most popularly known as the ‘confinement month’.

Mothers post childbirth are treated as nobility to ensure proper recovery. They are encouraged to rest and eat warm nourishing food in order to accelerate womb healing, replenish blood lost during childbirth, strengthen their overall bodies, and prevent postpartum health problems. 

The Spleen in Traditional Chinese Medicine is responsible for creating Qi that is essential to sustain daily energy. It is also responsible for creating blood and holding all organs in place. With Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, it is possible to remedy the mother’s weakened Qi and help boost immunity and her overall well-being.