Professional Acupuncture Services in Westport and Ridgefield, CT



Noa = Hebrew translation of “movement or motion” and Japanese translation of “my love, affection”

At Noa Center, we offer female-focused services through an eclectic mix of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese-style treatments, all performed in an intimate, tranquil space conducive to healing.

Get to know our experienced team and how we can support you during your healing journey.

How We Can Help

For 20+ years, our team has worked with folks who seek balance in their lives. Our patients come to us with a wide range of acute and chronic ailments, and display continued signs of improvement through our customized treatment plans.

We focus our services on women’s health disorders and concerns, along with other conditions like chronic pain, Lyme disease, allergies, migraines and more. We also offer cosmetic acupuncture treatments.



Embrace the healing power of acupuncture therapy and find out how it can benefit your overall well-being.

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